The Misfits

This is about our family's journey to a new norm after our son Chris was seriously injured in an IED explosion while deployed to Afghanistan. I chose the title "A Misfit's Mother's Journey" to honor some small way all the amazing young men in his squad, "Martin's Misfits". I owe a debt to these amazing men who worked together to save my son's and his buddy's lives and to the young man who sadly lost his life. This is a debt I can never repay. I hope you will find inspiration in our story and admiration of the young men who understand the consequences and are still willing to risk life and limb in the hope of protecting others.

Monday, September 24, 2012

3 July Facebook Post

Wow what a insane last three weeks! Actually it's hard to believe it's been 3 weeks, all the days have sort of run together. I'm just thankful it is beginning to become our new normal. Wish the pains would get under control faster but everything in its own time to make sure it is safe for him. At least it is headed in the right direction. Spirits are still good and he amazes me very day by not letting all the get him down. It was encouraging to hear a couple doctors & nurses with experience with wounded warriors tell him he is way ahead of the norm. I knew his stubbornness would come handy. I love that young man so!! ♥

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