The Misfits

This is about our family's journey to a new norm after our son Chris was seriously injured in an IED explosion while deployed to Afghanistan. I chose the title "A Misfit's Mother's Journey" to honor some small way all the amazing young men in his squad, "Martin's Misfits". I owe a debt to these amazing men who worked together to save my son's and his buddy's lives and to the young man who sadly lost his life. This is a debt I can never repay. I hope you will find inspiration in our story and admiration of the young men who understand the consequences and are still willing to risk life and limb in the hope of protecting others.

Monday, September 24, 2012

7 July Facebook Post

As I sit here looking at my son, I don't know how to express just what I feel. Wow just how far he has come. I watch him move around with ease despite the pain. No wires, no casts, just a completely different person than when we first saw him 15 days ago. I love to watch him chase the pigeons around (he may not be able to kick them but he will sure as hell try to run them over LOL) as if nothing had change, cause it hasn't. Seeing the joy from having a friend from home visit in his eyes. He is so incredible and tough. I have no doubt that he will meet his goal of being on his legs by Oct. I'll say it again....I love that boy so! ♥

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